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which do not come within the provisions of the Employees Compen

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condition by appropriate treatment temporar gt relief by

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hoars. Every ten days I gave him calomel with lactopeptine after

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last of a series of changes of which the earlier consist of

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tests showed a normal total T and T R.U. but an elevatec

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got retention without any previous diminution in the

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and lazarettos that the nurses physicians and attendants are n

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more severe suppurating forms are due to infection with pus organisms.

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College and during the session which has just closed

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may be classed as secondary some few intermediary while

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luinenx abces chaud situe au dessous du muscle iliaque

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plished by the specific treatment of syphilis and while

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injection and was then obliged to embark for Adelaide.

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we lose the opportunity of rendering greatest service to the

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Materiale and Systems. Conference on Bleetrlcal Insnlatiofi and Dleleetric

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the tenderness was such that the patient kept the part covered with the

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examined microscopically and was found to consist of bilious fluid

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as to the properties of nerve centres and their modes of

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Viuise this of itself ought to obtain for it a cendderation.

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the author is wi.se in showing the practical appli

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urea. The animal is now taken out and exercised. The

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negatively to a tuberculin test. These three animals originated

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being forgotten until the recollection of it was revived by another occurrence.

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drugs while the standard dosage of the posological tables

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reside as proved by M. Bernard but that it is exalted or depressed

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in his hand and uses it without the guidance of his conscious intelligence.

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then you may fairly conclude that the redness either altogether or

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Dr. Armor claims from a good deal of careful clinical observa

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efficient as an alkaline salvarsan solution double the strength

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Sherman Hal. Thermostabile and the so called thermolabile hemolysins

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this reason they became very numerous. He remembered minute de

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scale lowering of fees undoubtedly is in the public

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During the lust six months lt gt f his life he plunged

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they have not found anything sufficiently striking in the properties of the

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for comfort when proper care is had to ventilation.

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tensively prevalent have been unusually mildP In ray opinion the

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say that scientific men and chemists in particular

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beneflt by residence in hospital and the results showed that

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to render it probable that sequestration is complete we

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remain permanently flaccid. Retraction of the anterior

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on the subjects of the primary examination. Any candidate

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quite irregular and while some are very large others

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